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Hi, I'm Roopan, a freelance Yii/PHP developer based in India. Specialist in web development and UI/Backend concepts.

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I speaks Yii well. I am very fluent in PHP, OOP, and MySql. I breath PHP for last 10+ years, and eat Yii for last 5+ years. I am an Engineering graduate, and experienced in working; in a virtual team of Anvil Technology Partners, Clevertech & Zadego.

I write DRY, Human readable codes. I never forgot to comment my piece of code. Git helped me to work machine independent.

I always open to front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, NODE, and very familiar with Bootstrap CSS framework.

My opensource contributions are here in git-hub.


I believe there is always a solution. Only I want to have is a high speed internet connection as well as high performance machine.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science (B-Tech)

    Kannur university - 2007

  • Diploma in Computer Science

    Dept. of Technical Education Kerala - 2003

Training & Certificate

  • PHP
  • Yii
  • Linux




HTML - 5/CSS/Mysql


Blog Post

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